What are die-cut stickers?

A die cut sticker is a sticker that's cut into a unique custom shape to fit a logo or piece of artwork.

The term “die cut sticker” is actually a misnomer. Until recently, stickers were cut using metal dies that were fabricated based on the design. Since custom dies are expensive and time-consuming to make, manufacturers offered a collection of stock shapes that were made using pre-made dies. To order a custom shape, you used to need to pay an extra fee for a die to be fabricated to your design.

For this reason, custom shaped stickers came to be known as die-cut stickers even though all stickers were die cut including basic shapes like circles, squares, and ovals. Today, manufacturers like Sticker Plug use computerized guided systems to contour cut any shape custom stickers — including basic shapes. Despite this change in the way stickers are made, the term “die cut sticker” still persists because vendors and customers have grown accustomed to calling custom shaped stickers die cut.

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