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Cannabis Packaging by Sticker Plug

Separate your cannabis products from the crowd with custom cannabis packaging. Custom packaging is an easy and impactful way to promote and build your brand in a growing and competitive market. Let's work together to take your brand to the next level. Free and discreet shipping. Need a logo or design but have zero creative talent? No biggie. Sticker Plug's got you. Utilize our design services to help create the branded solution your products deserve. Request a Quote.

Select type of packaging.

Custom Black Concentrate Jars | P-GLASS-BLK-CONCENTRATE-JAR
$1 Each Free Shipping. Labels included.
Custom Mylar Bags | P-CUSTOM-MYLAR-BAG
Sizes 3.5g to 28g available.
Scratch Off Mylar Bags | P-SCRATCHOFF
Give your customers a chance to win prizes or discounts. You decide what prizes and how many winners there are.
Custom 4x5 Mylar Bags | P-CUSTOM-SQUARE-BAG
Popular square bags.
Glow In The Dark Mylar Bags | P-GLOWINTHEDARK
Your brand? Talk about a glow up!
Custom Glass Cannabis Jars | P-CUSTOM-GLASS-JAR
Glass jars.
Custom Square Plastic Jars | P-CUSTOM-SQUARE-JAR
Labels included.
Black or clear plastic jars.
Custom Holographic Pre-Roll Tubes | P-PRE-ROLL-TUBE
Our most popular choice.
Custom Glass Pre-Roll Tubes | P-GLASS-PRE-ROLL-TUBE
Labels included.
Custom Clipper Lighters | CL-CUSTOM
Unique packing tool built into lighter. Refillable.
Custom Shatter Containers | P-SHATTER-CONTAINER
Labels included.
Custom Holographic Bag Seal Labels | L-HOLO-BAG-SEAL
Add another layer of security to your product!
Custom Holographic Authenticity Labels | L-HOLO-VERIFICATION
Add another layer of authenticity to your brand!
Major discounts while supplies last.

Product information is subject to change.